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The Resources You Need To Take Action And Get Your Product To Market

When it comes to product licensing tutorials and invention training InventInsight™ makes it easy for you to learn exactly what you need to know about the product development process with affordable, free, on-demand courses and other must-see resources.

The online courses available on InventInsight™ provide you with help throughout every step of the invention and product licensing dream, giving you the expert assistance needed to move forward.

Pre-Launch Message from InventInsight's Founder

The Many Inventor Resources Available On InventInsight™ Can Help You Learn A Wide Variety Of Facets In The Invention Process, Including:

Product Viability

Product and patent searching and evaluating the marketability of your product

Product Development

Ways to establish proof of concept and depicting your product with prototype options

Product Presentation

Sales sheet and sales videos that best depict your product's benefits for interest

Product Licensing

Individual courses for every step of the process from concept to negotiating a licensing deal

Product Protection

How legal documents and patent applications work to help you protect your product

Product Inventing

Techniques and skills for coming up with new and improved products

Our invention trainings are concise, affordable, and completely online.

Our courses are tailored for each individual depending on where you are in the process and your particular knowledge base of product innovation.

All of our lessons here are offered on an individual, a la carte basis, meaning you don’t need to take courses that don’t apply to your process.

Video-Based Lessons

Over-the-shoulder view will give you live demonstrations of techniques on-screen and in action.


Move at your own pace. Courses are delivered in concise, easy to navigate and understand modules and lessons.

Access Anywhere

Courses are available on any smart device 24/7 365 days a year for your convenience.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

All courses have an unconditional, no quibble 30-day money back guarantee.

Your Story is Our Story

We have all been there!

  • Scouring the Internet for resources on the invention process
  • Looking for help on just one stage of the process
  • Only finding companies offering steep prices to help you out
  • Piecing together tidbits of information in order to get the answers you need to make your idea a reality

InventInsight™ offers everyone – regardless of where they are in the process – the ability to access expert resources and trainings to pursue their invention idea without needlessly spending a lot of money or time along the way.

We put together all the information you need to get your product to market, conveniently located in one place and organized in concise and consecutive invention tutorials, so you can start taking action now.

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