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(FREE) Course: Product Licensing vs Product Venturing

Have an idea for a product? Now What?
Learn about your options to bring your product to market:

• You can VENTURE the product yourself
• You can LICENSE your product to a company that will bring it to market for you

This Course Is FREE

Course: Finding The Right Companies To License Your Product

There are so many companies looking for products to license! In this course, you will learn how to find and create the RIGHT list of potential licensees for your product.

$125 On SALE for $75

Course: Successfully Submitting Your Product To Potential Licensees

The Product Submissions Process.

You’ve got a great product and a robust list of potential licensees. Great! Now get your product submitted for a licensing deal! Follow our step-by-step detailed video instructions and learn proven techniques for all stages of the submission process.

$125 On SALE for $75

Course Bundle: Finding The Right Potential Licensees For Your Product and The Submission Process

We combined our two most popular courses in order to offer you special savings. $250 On SALE for $99

Individual One-On-One Coaching Sessions Available As Needed

One half hour session: $48.00 and One-hour session: $74.00

Want to chat? Do you need additional advice on a particular subject or have a challenge with a part of the invention process? No worries, I am here to help! Check my schedule and book a good time to talk. We will get right down to business and get you the help you need.

Video-Based Lessons

Over-the-shoulder view will give you live demonstrations of techniques on-screen and in action.


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Course: Conducting A Thorough Product Search

In order to move forward with your idea, you need to do a product search to make sure your product is not already in the market. In our trainings we show where and how to research the market and streamline the process.

Course: Creating Sales Aids That Stand Out

Learn the different options for depicting your product and benefits: sales sheet and /or sales video. We show you how to create them from concept to final drafts: what goes in them, how to work with freelancers, and how to prepare them for the submission process.

Course: Creative Ways To Prototype Your Product

Learn about the different options for creating prototypes, such as computer generated renderings to "works and looks" like prototypes as well as material and best practices for the process.

Course: Conducting Your Own Patent Search

Conducting you own initial patent search is so important. Learn how to conduct a patent search to find any prior art in your category and how to understand and improve the patentability of your Product.

Protecting your Product with a Provisional Patent Application

Find out why the Provisional Patent Application is so popular with inventors worldwide and why it is the best way to start the patenting process. Learn techniques for writing and filing your own Provisional Patent application.

Course: How to Navigate Interest To A Contract

Any interest from a company for your product could potentially lead to a licensing deal. And it can begin with the first call. It is important to know how to handle the initial conversations with a potential Licensee and how to drive it to a contract