Product Development, Licensing, Resources and Online Courses For Inventors

Here Is How It All Started

I became seriously involved in the entire "Invention" process over five years ago. So I decided to take one of my concepts and do something about it. With help from the “InventRight team” I ended up licensing my first product in 6 months and thought, “This is crazy cool”. As an early adopter, I was honored to be the 1st coach offered to come on board at InventRight and enjoyed many years coaching for their team. I have continued to help and inspire other entrepreneurs in their journey of inventing, licensing, patenting, and marketing.

My First Product

It all started with a stain on a favorite shirt. I did not want to throw it into the “other stained clothes” pile. I wanted that stain out! So I created a device that makes it easy to removes stains. Who knew, that one day, I would have a Patent hanging on my wall!

The Challenge

Throughout my years of working in this industry, so many Inventors have approached me from all over the world, with all kinds of products, in all stage of the process, looking for guidance and assistance in their endeavors. I had to find a way to help, which is why I started this website.

The Creation

I felt confident that, with my 25 years of business experience, I could develop a way to help like-minded product developers by providing the most affordable way to find the right resources they need, in any stage of the process, and to learn how to move their products to market. InventInsight™ enables you to begin or continue the "Invention Process" without spending a lot of money or time needlessly or paying for services they don’t need.

We love Industry Experts

One of the most exciting benefits in our program is working with industry experts and giving them a platform to offer their training and resources. We’ve rounded up some wonderful Industry experts so we can bring you trusted and reliable resources to broaden the scope of knowledge available to help you in all stages of the invention process.

And Here We Are

InventInsight™ offering courses, resources, and guidance for the process of product development and licensing. Giving you the most affordable and useful resources you need to keep moving forward with your idea. In the end, these courses were created to educate and empower our generation of inventors and creators, helping cultivate the best ideas ever created until now.